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Here at RxBiologics, we understand that each drug discovery campaign is unique. We provide comprehensive packages of work with a flexible approach and optimised workflows to deliver bespoke solutions that work for you.

Generation of world class biologics with optimal drug development qualities. 
Right first time.

Antibody Discovery Using the Galaxy Platform

  • License free antibody discovery using the fully human Galaxy® Library
  • Screening for antibodies with desired specificity and cross reactivity
  • Profiling for functional activity, affinity, epitope and biophysical characteristics
  • MOA studies and ‘In vivo’ testing through our parent company RxCelerate

Rapid production of multi-specific antibodies

  • Generation of ‘instant’ bispecifics using our proprietary library
  • Screening for bispecific partner to your pre-defined antibody

Immune Library Generation

  • Custom build of antibody libraries from immune repertoires for standard and domain antibodies
  • Integration into our platform drug discovery process to deliver antibodies with desired profiles

Antibody Humanisation

  • Humanisation and deimmunisation within CDR regions
  • Implementation of in silico design and display technology approaches for optimal antibody sequences

Antibody production

  • Research-scale IgG and antigen expression and purification to support discovery projects
  • CHO expression system, under license
  • Highly purified, quality assessed and endotoxin free proteins


In Silico Modelling

  • Antibody model construction and binding interaction analysis
  • In silico affinity optimisation prediction
  • Mutation assessment for humanisation
  • Protein patch analysis for aggregation potential and residue liability analysis
  • For a full description of modelling capabilities, please see our sister ProsaRx site.

Our Technology

• We make Biologics drug discovery accessible to anyone with a great idea.

• Our approach is highly customisable to suit your deliverables and requirements.

• We handle the complexity of drug discovery making it simple and effortless.

Antibody drug discovery services for rapid generation of world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities.

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