Antibody Discovery Services using our proprietary Galaxy® library platform to generate world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities

Antibody Discovery Services using our proprietary Galaxy® library platform to generate world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities

Welcome to RxBiologics

At inception, human antibody phage display technology promised delivery of fully human antibodies, to any given target, directly from diverse antibody libraries. In reality, what transpired was a complex, iterative workflow of engineering phage-derived antibodies to correct for flaws in the affinity, stability and specificity of the initial hits.

RxBiologics have developed the Galaxy® proprietary library technology, invented by our co-founder Jonny Finlay. It revisits the fundaments of antibody discovery, rebuilding the process of human antibody discovery by display to eliminate its flaws and truly deliver on the original promise.

Delivery of novel therapeutics

With the guiding principle of ‘Right first time’ we aim to maximise yields of high quality, high potency antibodies with drug-like properties in a single pass process.

Democratising Drug Discovery

Our novel in-house Galaxy® antibody library and display platform is provided on license free open access basis to our clients and partners.

Client Focused Approach

Using our in-house expertise, we will work with you to design bespoke programmes with  optimised workflows for accelerated progression to clinic.

Comprehensive Packages of Work

We support biologics drug discovery from early discovery through preclinical phases using RxBiologics and our parent company RxCelerate capabilities.

Our Services

Antibody Discovery using our proprietary Galaxy® Library

Rapid production of multi-specific antibodies

Immune Library Generation

Antibody Humanisation

Antibody reformatting and production

In Silico Modelling

Our Technology

RxBiologics specialises in antibody drug discovery services for rapid generation of world-class biologics with optimal drug development qualities. We make Biologics drug discovery accessible to anyone with a great idea. We handle the complexity of drug discovery making it simple and effortless. Our approach is highly customisable to suit your deliverables and requirements.

Our dedicated team of technical experts have engineered and constructed the Galaxy® antibody library that underpins our proprietary platform.

Advantages of our Antibodies

  • Highly specific fully human
  • Functional and highly potent
  • Optimised for stability

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    About RxCelerate

    RxBiologics is part of the RxCelerate Group.  RxCelerate was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide a bespoke high quality outsourced drug discovery and development platform. Originally focused on delivering preclinical and in vitro biology services, during the last eight years we have expanded our in-house capabilities to include chemistry, in silico design, systems biology and project and programme management.

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